Cut IT for you is just a job shop, Cutting IT for you.

A job shop just cuts or does projects for others, we don’t have a product that we produce for ourselves we just do “jobs/IT” for you.
That means we have a pretty quick turnaround, typically 5-7 business days after;

  • Drawings are complete
  • Material is agreed on
    • if you are providing the material we will need to have it on site before your project will go on our production schedule.
  • Cost has been agreed on

Using CNC technology to help you achieve complicated designs affordably.

If you’re looking to have just one cut or 1000’s cut, we can help you.

The accuracy of the CNC allows complicated inlays and joints to become a reality rather than a wish.

What we do;

  • Panel Processing
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Furniture
  • Sings
  • Door plaques
  • Architectural Millwork, matching existing, aches, eyebrow windows and much more
  • Decorative concrete forms
  • Part prototyping
  • Parts for marine industry
  • Yes, we can cut what you need done.

Materials that we cut are;

  • Wood – solid, Live edge slabs
  • Plywood, MDF
  • Melamine, laminate faced
  • Solid surface – Corian, Paper Stone, Richlight
  • Plastics – Acrylic, PVC, HDPE just to name a few
  • Foam – Ridged (low density from big box stores), High density
  • Non-ferrous metals – (brass, copper, aluminum)
    • Please ask if we didn’t list something and you need it cut, good chance we can cut it for you.

Our bed is 4’ X 8’ with a 6” height.
                We have cut a full size car out of foam on our machine along with

We can work with your CAD (computer drawings)

Depending on our clients’ needs, we can provide 3-d modeling to illustrate how the parts interact or can simply apply code (tell the machine what to do) and cut their provided pre-nested parts within a .DXF file.

We work with a variety of materials and file formats. Please contact us with any questions.

Using a cnc router, we cut IT into 2d and 3d shapes.

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